Going global: The impact of US foreign trade zones on drug product manufacturing costs and timelines

On Demand Webinar

In today’s global economy, your pharmaceutical materials and components may be sourced from all over the world. The importation of these materials may come with a steep price tag. Luckily, there are strategies to mitigate those costs, keep your manufacturing local, and remove obstacles in your regulatory path. In the US, Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) streamline customs procedures and allow for manufacturing and storage of materials and finished goods with delayed or reduced duties.

Join us for a webinar with expert Zeno Smith, Director of Trade Compliance at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Life Science Connect editor Miles Szkoda discuss the problem and dive deep into topics including:

  • Learn about Foreign Trade Zones and how they can improve your speed to market while saving thousands in duties
  • Weighing the benefits and costs of establishing a FTZ
  • Impacts on your regulatory timeline
  • Alternative methods of reducing tariffs and duties