Material matters: Material science, process simulation and modeling for oral solid dosage forms

Webinar On Demand

With the ever-growing pressure to get new therapies to patients faster, predictive modeling and simulation tools are increasingly recognized as critical enabling technologies for accelerating drug product development. In the development of oral solid dosage forms, predictive modeling and simulation tools of the manufacturing processes can enhance process understanding, save on API supply, improve product quality, and reduce or eliminate many of the bottlenecks associated with empirical methods.

Each active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) has its own set of unique physical and chemical properties that can affect the success of product formulations and manufacturing routes. On account of this, the manufacturing process for solid dosage forms need to be thoroughly understood. Determining robust formulations and processes for a given compound requires a deep understanding of material science and powder behavior.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Compaction Simulation and Discrete Element Methods (DEM) as advanced technologies that can be used for a wide range of applications including material characterization, formulation development, process scale-up and tech-transfer.
  • These tools can provide an accelerated and material-sparing approach that can expedite formulation, process development and improved product quality.
  • Case studies will be presented to demonstrate these capabilities.