CDMO 2.0: Uncovering the missing element in next-generations pharma partnerships

Webinar On Demand

The growing complexity of novel therapies, supply chain uncertainties, increased competition, intensified regulatory scrutiny, and compressed timelines demand new ways of working to guarantee pharmaceutical product safety and quality without compromising on innovation and development speed. To keep pace with the complex and dynamic pharmaceutical environment, high-performing CDMOs are embracing innovation, focusing on agility and scalability, forming strategic alliances, and actively participating in shaping the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

This message was underscored by Anil Kane, PhD, Senior Director of Global Technical Scientific Affairs at Thermo Fisher Scientific, in his recent on-demand webinar, “CDMO 2.0: Uncovering the missing element in next-generation pharma partnerships.” In it, Anil discusses the increasing expectation for CDMOs not only to offer access to cutting-edge technologies but also to provide the critical insights necessary to harness these advancements effectively. According to Anil, the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt production processes to accommodate varying product types, volumes, and customer demands is a valuable differentiator.

Achieving this degree of agility requires integrating robust supply chain management with advancements in process automation, continuous manufacturing, data analytics, and predictive modeling, as well as regulatory expertise and workforce development. It is also facilitated by an unwavering commitment to product, process, and partnership quality. This on-demand webinar specifically explores the next generation of CDMO partnerships and discusses how these strategic collaborations are set to transform the pharmaceutical landscape and drug development moving forward.