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Moving from molecule to medicine requires science, technology, and world-class expertise. It also requires a strategic CDMO partnership—bonded by key elements such as communication, dedication, and above all, trust.


The elements of a strategic CDMO partnership


At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we believe that strategic partnerships fuel success. But we also believe that a strategic partnership is more than just providing end-to-end support and solutions, on time and on budget.

A true partnership is built on a combination of intangible elements that work together to build and establish trust. Trust in your expertise and vision.    Trust in your technology. And trust in your partners.

We embed these elements of partnership into every operation, interaction, and step across your unique drug development journey.

Transforming CDMO partnerships through a holistic understanding of quality

Bringing your innovative therapy to market requires working with a CDMO partner that embraces quality as a holistic endeavor affecting every aspect of the development process.

Though, despite its critical importance, quality in pharma and biotech manufacturing is often mischaracterized, whether by conflating it with compliance, describing it as an end-of-the-line activity, or attributing responsibility to a single team within the manufacturing organization.

This whitepaper takes an in-depth look at quality, identifying tools and best practices to drive continuous improvement, strengthen collaboration, and build trust within a CDMO partnership.

Patheon - The power of partnership

Our industry-leading capabilities

Whether you have a small molecule, biologic, or an advanced therapy, our flexible and scalable offerings enable you to move from molecule to medicine to market with speed and efficiency.

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