Plainville, Massachusetts, USA

Viral vector development and manufacturing facility

Plainville, Massachusetts, USA

Our state-of-the-art Plainville facility is designed to provide comprehensive viral vector services, from process development to commercial manufacturing. With unparalleled capacity and capabilities, we are fully equipped to meet market demands.

Spanning 290,000 square feet, it excels in the manufacturing of viral vectors for both clinical and commercial applications. Under one roof, the facility provides process and analytical development, characterization, validation, clinical and commercial manufacturing, as well as fill-finish services. This consolidation eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming facility-to-facility transfers.

In our ongoing mission to meet our clients' ever-evolving needs, our facility has been strategically designed to facilitate growth and seamlessly accommodate future expansions (up to 400,000 square feet).

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5 Commerce Blvd
Plainville, MA 02762
+1 781-325-1212

Viral vector manufacturing and development capabilities at Plainville facility

Key Capabilities:

  • Flexible facility designs capable of supporting both adherent and suspension (up to 2000L stirred-tank bioreactors) processes
  • Bioprocess sciences lab for process/analytical development, characterization, and scale-up to 2000L
  • 11 drug substance suites for viral vector production and purification
  • 2 fill finish suites for final drug product production with up to 5,000 vial capacity
  • Manufacturing support areas for solution prep and component prep
  • Quality control labs to support on-site bioanalytical testing needs

To learn more about this location, download the site capabilities factsheet.

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