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Patheon OneSource™

Reach Your Milestone Faster with the Simplicity of a Complete Development Solution

Only Patheon OneSource™ gives you the speed and simplicity of combining drug substance and drug product development and manufacturing into a single customized solution for either small or large molecule discoveries.

As one of the world’s top CDMOs, Patheon offers a comprehensive range of technologies and services that span from early development all the way through commercial supply. This includes expertise in biologics and APIs, as well as most sterile, oral solid and softgel finished dosage forms. By offering so many options we are able to precisely meet the unique needs of your molecule and your business.

  • One partner means no more managing multiple vendors and logistics.
  • One contract for a rapid project start.
  • Cross-functional team of experts eases collaboration and flow of information.
  • Dedicated program manager for clear, efficient communication.
  • Parallel development of drug substance and drug product for speed and precise scheduling.
  • Shared analytical activities and data for elimination of redundancy.
  • Seamless supply chain from raw materials to finished dose.
  • Non-GMP environment for accelerated process and formulation development.
  • Unmatched quality and Right First Time/On-Time Delivery limits your risk of costly delays.

Cut Months Off the Development of Large and Small Molecule Discoveries

Patheon OneSource™ is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Now you can cut as much as four months off the industry-standard 15-month development cycle. With Patheon OneSource™ you can develop small molecules 8-12 weeks faster, large molecules 14-20 weeks faster. It leverages our global network of state-of-the-art facilities, broad expertise and unmatched track record for quality and on-time performance in a single coordinated drive toward early-phase clinical success. No other company can get you to this key milestone faster and with more built-in value.

Speed – Reach Your Early-Phase Milestone Faster

  • One coordinated effort for parallel development of drug substance and product.
  • One resource for sterile, oral solid and softgel formulations.
  • One seamless supply chain from raw materials to finished dose.

Expertise – Get Everything You Need to Succeed

  • One partner for both drug substance and drug product.
  • One cross-functional team of experts for a free flow of ideas and data.
  • One cohesive path that could take you all the way to commercial supply

Simplicity – Find the Time to Focus on Your Business and Pipeline

  • One contract for clarity and a rapid project start.
  • One point of contact for efficient communication and coordination .
  • One integrated supplier to put hours back into your workday

Experience – Maximize Value with a Partner Investors Trust

  • 200+ customers, ranging from large pharma to biotech startups.
  • 250+ development projects completed every year.
  • 200+ regulatory filings over more than 20 years.

Maximize Value with a Firm Foundation for Commercial Success Everything Patheon does, even at the earliest stages, is done with a deeply engrained understanding of what’s required to bring a finished product to market. With Patheon OneSource™ you will quickly reach your early-phase milestone with a scientifically sound product ready to progress directly along a well-established path through late-phase development and market launch. Add to that the widely recognized experience, expertise and quality of Patheon, your discovery will have its best chance of being viewed by investors as a low-risk, high-value opportunity.

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