Spray drying CDMO services

Improve the solubility and bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs through spray-dried dispersions

Approximately 70-90% of new chemical entities have solubility and bioavailability challenges that require special attention when it comes to optimizing their formulation approach. Spray-dried amorphous solid dispersions (SDDs) play a role in advancing the formulation of drugs with low solubility, helping to meet precise requirements to ensure bioavailability, stability, performance, and manufacturability.

Although the spray drying process is well-established and understood, it requires high levels of technical capability and operational excellence. Its key benefit, the formation of SDDs, results in higher surface areas compared to crystalline counterparts, which leads to better interactions between drug molecules and surrounding solvents, ultimately improving dissolution rates and enhancing product solubility.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is an industry-leading CDMO with a depth and breadth of experience in optimizing the development and manufacturing of APIs, providing biopharma companies with spray drying capabilities from early development through commercial scale-up. To date, we have spray dried 120+ molecules, and our three global sites utilize state-of-the-art spray drying technologies.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's Spray Drying services

End-to-end support and unparalleled scale up

Thanks to the comprehensive scope of our global spray drying facilities, Thermo Fisher Scientific is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled scale-up capabilities, all within one network. From preclinical development to commercial manufacturing, we can provide spray drying services and solutions spanning from grams to tones. Additionally, we have the necessary infrastructure in place to safely spray dry both low- and highly-potent compounds alike, offering biopharma companies a range of capabilities for their APIs. By integrating API development and manufacturing, spray drying, and drug formulation under one roof, Thermo Fisher Scientific provides biopharma companies with end-to-end expertise and experience and continuous support at every step.


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Integrated services

Integration of API, spray drying, and drug product services

Our dedicated spray drying sites

With four dedicated spray drying sites spanning the coasts of the United States plus England and Ireland, Thermo Fisher Scientific is well-positioned to provide industry-leading CDMO services to global biopharma companies seeking spray drying capabilities to enhance the solubility and bioavailability of their poorly water-soluble drugs. Explore key facts about each facility below and learn about the specific spray drying technologies that equip each location.

Teams from the Bend, OR, and Florence, SC sites cooperate closely to support technology transfer activities and collaborate with clients to mitigate risk through the whole journey from molecule to medicine.

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