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Patheon Overview Brochure

Patheon is transforming the way pharmaceuticals are made with a simplified, end-to-end supply chain for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes. Drug substances and drug products. Development and manufacturing. Small and large molecules. Sterile, oral solid and softgel dosage forms. Patheon offers a comprehensive range of services spanning all phases and scales that is wider and deeper than any other CDMO. ...View More

Patheon OneSource Information Sheet

Take months off the development timelines of your large and small molecule discoveries. With Patheon OneSource™ you can combine your drug substance and drug product development and manufacturing into a single customized solution to simplify your supply chain and accelerate your discovery to proof of concept. ...View More

Flexible Biomanufacturing Solutions Information Sheet

Biopharmaceutical companies are facing more and more challenges when developing new large molecule products. There are an increasing number of complex molecules in the biologic pipeline as therapeutic targets narrow to orphan indications and specialized medicines. And with the market growing double the rate of the small molecule market, there are increasing numbers of biologics competing to be first to market for these smaller therapeutic populations. ...View More

Mammalian Cell Culture Information Sheet

The highest quality at any phase and scale. Comprehensive contract development. Reliable cGMP manufacturing. Gain a competitive advantage in both by choosing Patheon for your biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars. ...View More

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Solid and Sterile Dose Form Brochure

Access a remarkable range of conventional and specialized oral solid dosage form capabilities and scale. Tap the many clinical and technical advantages of softgels with a host of patent-protected specialized technologies. Access Extensive sterile pharmaceutical development and manufacturing capabilities at all scales. ...View More

Benefits of Addressing Solubility Earlier in Development

With up to 90% of today’s new molecular entities presenting as insoluble, not addressing solubility challenges early can result in even greater delays – and potentially compound failure. Patheon Solubility Enhancement Services approaches solubility a fundamentally different way by addressing low solubility earlier in development and identifying the technologies most likely to work before you get started. ...View More

Solubility Enhancement Services Information Sheet

Not addressing solubility at the beginning of development can put your timeline and your molecule at risk. As many as 60-90% of drug candidates have bioavailability challenges and 37% will fail in phase I-III clinical trials as a result. ...View More

Infographic - A Tale of Two Molecules

What’s the best path for your low soluble molecule? Two molecules, both designed to treat the same condition, both with solubility challenges. Two biopharma companies racing to be first. Biopharma A chooses to move into trials as quickly as possible, while Biopharma B decides to address broader solubility concerns first. Who gets to market first may surprise you. ...View More

The Increasing Risks of Waiting to Address Solubility

Under pressure to minimize costs and timelines during clinical development, it’s become common to put off solubility challenges. However, with 60%–90% of today’s new molecular entities presenting as insoluble, it makes sense to reconsider this strategy and its significant risks. ...View More


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