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What to Look For in a Solubility Enhancement Vendor

Author: Kaspar Van den Dries, Senior Director Formulation Sciences
Patheon's Kaspar Van den Dries explains which crucial characteristics you should look for when selecting a solubility enhancement vendor. ...View More


Amorphous Dispersion Drug Formulations: A Modern Simulation-Based Approach

Author: Matthew D. Wessel, PhD and Tom Reynolds, PhD
Nearly 75% of drugs in development have solubility challenges which often leads to failure in clinical trials. Fortunately, by addressing solubility earlier in a development program, timelines can be shortened and risks can be mitigated. ...View More


The Advantages of a Employing a Lipid-Based Formulation Process in Early Development

Author: Kaspar van den Dries, Ph.D.
In this webinar, experts will explain the benefits of considering lipid formulation early in the development process and how a structured screening and development approach can assist in overcoming potential barriers associated with lipid formulations. Speakers: Martin Piest, PhD, Senior Formulation Scientist and Kaspar van den Dries, PhD, Senior Director and Principle Scientist, Solid Dose Development at Patheon. ...View More


Taking An Informed Approach To Technology Selection To Address Solubility Challenges In Early Development

Author: Jon Sutch, Ph.D, Senor Manager of Formulation Development, Patheon & Christopher M. Lindemann, President, Focus Pharmaceutics, LLC
As the need for more targeted drug therapies has increased and drug development has become more complex, the industry has seen a corresponding rise in the number of molecules with low solubility challenges. In fact, up to 90% of today’s drug candidates are plagued with low solubility. In light of this challenge, drug formulators must look to new techniques and formulation technologies to proactively address low solubility challenges and ensure effective treatments are reaching patients in need. ...View More


Taking a More Informed Approach to Solubility Enhancement

Author: Marshall Crew, Ph.D., VP. PDS Global Science
Marshall Crew, Ph.D, partners with Pharmaceutical Technology magazine to discuss optimal development programs for molecules of various solubility level, and how it affects future planning. ...View More


Top 5 Considerations When Looking to Outsource to a Biomanufacturing Partner

Author: Paul Jorjorian
Join Paul Jorjorian for a 20 minute “Ask the Expert” webcast with BioProcess International, as he reviews how biopharmaceutical companies are facing increasing constraints when developing and manufacturing their large molecule drugs and how, as a result, selection of the right biomanufacturing partner is critical. ...View More


Implications of Inaccurate Forecasting on Biologics Drug Substance Manufacturing

Author: Stephan Lam, Senior VP Biologics, Patheon & Patti Seymour, Senior Consultant, BPTC & Susan Sebelsky, Research Director, ORC
Large molecule drug substance manufacturing and demand forecasting is riddled with complexity. The long cycle time and short shelf life of biologic drug substance makes it difficult to adapt the supply chain with agility, even at the earliest stages of development. As a result, inaccurate demand forecasts can have significant implications for companies developing biologics. And with less industry-wide available capacity for biologic production, it is increasingly difficult to locate capacity to respond to demand changes and ensure products achieve commercial goals. ...View More


Early Stage Development for Solid Dose Products

Author: Kaspar Van den Dries, Senior Director Formulation Sciences & Michiel Heslinga, Program Manager, Global Integration
In this webcast recording, we review the challenges which are experienced in early stage development of solid oral dosage forms. We look at the implications of these challenges on a development program and discuss hurdles such as bioavailability challenges of poorly soluble molecules early on in development, development of paediatric dosage forms, and the complexity of the CMC work stream. ...View More


Executive Research: Impact of Incorrect Forecasts on New Product Launches

Author: Susan Sebelsky, Director, ORC International, Jim Miller, MBA President, PharmSource, & Joe Principe Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Patheon
ORC International recently completed extensive interviews with 50 pharma executives, who consistently utilize launch forecasts to predict manufacturing planning and volume. Join this webinar as we discuss the results of this study, including forecasting processes, key issues that arise from inaccurate forecasts, and how forecasting needs will change over the next few years due to evolving organizational needs. ...View More

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