Patheon Softgel Technology Solutions


Softgel technologies are becoming an increasingly popular dosage form in both the prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) markets. From better stability to easier swallowability, softgel formulations offer numerous benefits.

Patheon's Softgel Capabilities

Decades of experience. Capabilities spanning development through commercialization. Our dedicated encapsulation facilities in High Point, NC, and Tilburg, Netherlands have the capacity to produce 10–12 billion softgels annually. 

Our scientists are skilled in developing softgel formulations in early development to overcome low solubility challenges, speeding new molecules to clinic. We develop softgel formulations for late stage life cycle management as well, helping clients retain market share and maximize product lifetime value.

Development and manufacturing capabilities for specialized products include highly potent drugs, hormones, DEA-controlled substances (schedule I–III) and abuse-deterrent products.

And when existing Rx products need new revenue streams, product and brand managers can tap into our softgel expertise and proprietary technologies for new softgel product formulations. We offer cost-effective and flexible business models ranging from fee for service, licensing of existing products and (co)-development of proof of concepts.

Patheon, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, brings value to pharmaceutical and consumer health care companies through ideation sessions and flexible business models that can:

  • Develop product Proof of Concept to confirm market interest
  • Provide innovation for product lifecycle management
  • Provide solutions for Rx, OTC and tablet to softgel switches
  • Enhance bioavailability to obtain quicker onset of action
  • Provide formulation options for specific patient populations including pediatrics and geriatrics

Leverage Our Broad Range of Expertise, From Pre-Formulation Through Commercialization, to Help Your Project Achieve Success.

Softgel capsules formulation, commercial manufacturing, and packaging

Patheon's Softgel Proprietary Technologies

Our wide range of diverse softgel technologies meet the needs of your molecules and markets, including advanced solutions for enhancing solubility and bioavailability.

Sofgels softgels technology
Softgel contract manufacturing

Sofgels® Technology is suitable for liquid formulations, applications requiring faster onset of action, low-dose products and those with poor bioavailability that would benefit from a lipid system or nanoparticle delivery method. These capsules are easy to swallow and twist-off options are available.

Entericare softgel caplets
Softgel encapsulation

EnteriCare® Softgels protect compounds from harsh gastric acids for targeted delivery and also protect APIs that normally cause local irritation such as ibuprofen. Also reduces the risk of reflux.

Soflet gelatin capsules softgels
softgel tablets

Soflet® Gelcaps are a gelatin-enrobing technology that makes capsules easy to swallow. A broad palette of colors is available.

chewable gel caplets
softgel pills

Chewels® Chewable Gels can be formulated with various sensory properties and offers a chewable option for patients (pediatric and geriatric) that have difficulty swallowing. No water is needed. Can also be formulated as a lozenge.

liquid filled softgel formulation
softgel caplets

With a soft-chewable shell, LiquiSoft™ Softgels are perfect for liquid fills that require a fast onset of action and/or buccal absorption.

Hear From Patheon's Softgel Experts

Softgel Advantages

Patient Perspective on Softgels

A Patient’s Perspective

  • Faster release and onset of action
  • Easier to swallow
  • Better effectiveness, with targeted delivery
  • No bitter taste or odors
  • Innovative solutions for specific populations (e.g. pediatric)
Brand Manager Perspective on Softgel Advantages

A Brand Manager's Perspective

  • Numerous options for shape, size and color
  • Suitable for pediatric and geriatric markets
  • Product life cycle management and brand sustainability
  • Portfolio differentiation, solid dose to softgel and Rx to OTC switches
Developer Perspective on Softgel Formulation Benefits

A Developer's Perspective

  • Ability to enhance bioavailability
  • Better control of drug release
  • Better ability to target absorption location
  • Better stability for APIs that are prone to oxidation or degradation
  • Better containment of potent compounds
  • Ability to deliver low-dose APIs
  • Simple scale-up. Commercial batches can run on the same equipment as clinical batch quantities.

Softgel formulations are an attractive, popular dosage form for patients, making them ideal solutions for new prescriptions and new product lines resulting from Rx to OTC switches and life cycle management projects.

Interested in learning more about our softgel capabilities? Download our softgels brochure here.