Kevin Kane, Ph.D.

Sr. Staff Scientist, R&D, Pharma Services
Texas, USA

Key roles and responsibilities

  • Global subject matter expert skilled in enabling technologies including spray drying and hot melt extrusion techniques for poorly soluble molecules, as well as advancing small molecules into drug candidacy and early formulation
  • Lead technical discussions with clients and commercial teams to design formulation development programs for oral formulations and injectable products
  • Manage program builds to align formulation activities with a client’s clinical development needs, from improving solubility or modifying the drug release profile to adapting performance to meet the clinical need of patients
  • Advise and consult on technical issues related to pre-formulation, formulation, process development and commercial manufacturing

Professional highlights

  • Joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2019 bringing more than twentyfive years of experience in synthesis, process chemistry, drug delivery, plus formulation and manufacturing for discovery through commercialization
  • Conducted and managed formulation development activities for more than seventy-five poorly soluble APIs in support of technology capability assessment and IP examples
  • Co-developer of inkjet droplet-delivery method for drug and drug dispersions for oral-film formulations
  • Co-author of multiple peer-reviewed publications in chemical synthesis and drug formulation and characterization
  • Four patents filed and/or pending
  • Provides strategic input for white papers and other thought leadership initiatives including scientific conferences and webinars


  • Doctor of Philosophy in inorganic chemistry from Ohio University
  • Post-doctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of chemistry at the University of Idaho
  • Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in chemistry (polymer and materials) from Texas State University

Scientific expertise

  • Oral drug delivery
  • Drug product development
    • Pre-formulation, formulation, process development, scale-up, tech transfer, commercialization
    • Phase appropriate dosage forms for preclinical and clinical studies
  • Solubility enhancement technologies
    • Amorphous solid dispersions by spray-drying, hot-melt extrusion and complexation
    • Size-reduction and lipid-based systems
  • Oral modified release
    • Multiparticulate and osmotic delivery
    • Matrix tablets
    • Lipid modified release
  • Injectable drug delivery
    • Formulation development for solution and lyophilized vials for small molecules
    • IV and depot formulations
    • Powder-filled vials
    • Technology transfer

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