Patheon™ Quick to Clinic™ viral vector

De-risk your regulatory pathway and accelerate development timelines with a truly all-inclusive platform process that equips your program for long-term commercial success.

With the Quick to Clinic™ viral vector platform, you can get to released drug product for IND more than six months faster than standard process development. Set the foundation for commercial success by utilizing our standardized platform process for 200 L suspension-based AAV and LV vector manufacture that’s inclusive of all raw materials, analytical testing, and commercial-use licenses. Projected project timelines include all plasmid manufacturing and optimization time, with phase-appropriate regulatory support provided throughout the product lifecycle.

All you need to provide are details around your gene of interest and any known product specifications and let viral vector services do the rest. Key benefits of Patheon™ Quick to Clinic™ viral vector include:

  • Reach milestones faster
  • Reduce supply chain and regulatory risk
  • Build for commercial success

Learn how to accelerate your timeline and manage risk with Patheon™ Quick to Clinic™ viral vector.


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